What it means to be Poetryisme…

My words bring ur soul to life like a painter does a blank canvas

Creating an visual for ur minds eye

Rythmatic creation of beauty

Artistically rendering words in such a way that intense emotion is evoked

An enigma I am

Innovative, narrator… I hold the ability to describe, argue n define journeys traveled thru what we call life

I shall calm u, excite u, n down right harass u…i'm the end some form of feeling… strong emotion will take control of u.... laugh or cry or yawn… make ur toe nails twinkle…do this or do that or nothing at all

In the end u will ask who is Poetryime…

And I will say “I am the one struggling with those wanting to wrestle poetry to the ground… I am the rythmatic flow… the words that paint n creates ur soul like a painter does a blank canvas…”

Defining me is like grasping at the wind, once u catch it, it’s no longer the wind but and invisible but powerful force…every unmovable but forever moving