my haillee

upon awakening i hear the pitter patter of the little feet
her presence nothing else can compare
full of life...advernterous to say the least
she engergizes wtihin me the curiousity and desire to seek the unkown
enjoying playing in the rain
for her love always takes away all pain
in her she has the drive... the dertermination to be explore all that comes her way
and seek out all that is hidden
fear is not her friend
bubbling over is her laugher
one that is curing to ones soul
this is my hailleei love her for wanting to always make me part of her adventure
above her on this earth there is no  other
one of a kind unique in her love language
she is the definition of beauty inside and out
without her i could not imagine myself
and now that she is growing and her world expanding

we are the world explorers

me and my haillee