Do u know?

We all claim 2 know all there is 2 know. We have that mindset in regards 2 people. We believe that once a bond is formed there is no need 2 bond some more. That is 2 bad for there is always more in store.

Do u not know I am not all that u see? There is more 2 me, u just have 2 take a peek n see. I am vivacious in my love expression. Do u know my language of love? Or is it presumed 2 be what lies in the warmth of me? Let me tell u about me...

I am friend and a lover. Healer 2 the soul don't u know. Passionate about all my endeavors. I am a mother, a teacher, a counselor 2 some, a secret diary 2 many for dark truth I reveal none. I am a woman of many talents and yes I can walk and chew gum.

Look inside my looking glass...the truth be 2ld and my inner glow will unfold... then take a pause and reflect on this question "DO U KNOW?"